Shalem College

They are an internationally recognized jurist, a former security advisor to the prime minister, an acclaimed novelist, Israel Prize winners, and celebrated scholars.

At Shalem, they’re teachers.

Shalem faculty engage with students every day, both inside and outside of the classroom. They are scholars, teachers, advisors, and models of the character Shalem aims to cultivate among its students: ethical, tolerant of different opinions, open to new ways of thinking, and committed to life-long learning. They also seek to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and academia and the world beyond.

“We need to invite students to be partners in the experience of reading and struggling with material, and to encourage them to find their own, meaningful points of connection to the texts.”

Hear Educational Director Dr. Ido Hevroni explain the principles behind Shalem’s pedagogical approach, and how it works to create leaders for a Jewish and democratic state.

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first place medal


First-place rankings in the national student survey,

six of which reflect the extraordinary caliber and commitment of our faculty: quality of instruction, quality of academic program, quality of courses, quality of faculty-student engagement, quality of teaching assistants, and grading.

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Israel-Prize Winner

Prof. Yohanan Friedmann for Near Eastern Studies