Shalem is funded by bold, forward-thinking philanthropists who share our Zionist commitments, who see Israel as a project still in the making, and who believe that the same intellectual tradition that gave rise to the West can find fertile ground in the Jewish state.

Pioneer  $10 Million+

Averil and Louis Israel Frenkel

The Messer Family

The Tikvah Fund

Builder  $7.5 Million+

The Koret Foundation

Visionary  $2.5 Million+

Barbara R. Newman

Elisa and Gil Palter

Pamela and George Rohr

Anonymous, Boston

Anonymous, New Hampshire

Anonymous, New York

Founder  $1 Million+

The Beker Foundation

Debbie and Warren Kimel

The Maimonides Fund

Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman

Johanna and Lief Rosenblatt

The Paul E. Singer Foundation

Judith and Lawrence Tanenbaum

The Viterbi Family

The Ziegler Family Trust

The Ziering Family

Anonymous, Boston

Anonymous, Jerusalem

Anonymous, New York

Anonymous, New York

Benefactor  $500,000+

Hilda and Yitz Applbaum

Toby and Ron Hersh

The David and Fela Shapell Family Foundation

The Nathan and Lily Silver Family Foundation

Judy z”l and Josh Weston

Anonymous, New York

Anonymous, New York

Anonymous, New York

Partner  $250,000+

The Crown Family

The Joe and Rosa Frenkel Charitable Trust

Shelly and Michael Kassen

Anonymous, New York

Patron  $100,000+

The Asper Foundation

The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation

The Fooksman Family Foundation

Ann and Robert Fromer

The Gale Foundation

Tamar and Eric Goldstein

Julia and Henry Koschitzky

Sarena and David Koschitzky

The Lisa and Michael Leffell Foundation

Barbara and Ed Shapiro

Saskia and Stephen Siderow

Rachel Ringler and Yossi Siegel

The Donald L. Solomon Foundation

The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation

Lisa and Neil Wallack

Nina and Gary Wexler

Nancy and Tim Williams

Nancy Zimmerman and Andrei Shleifer

Anonymous, Boston

Anonymous, Boston

Anonymous, New York

Sponsor  $50,000+

Barbara and Morris Benun

Paula and Sanford Colb

Suzan and Fred Ehrman

Karen Lehmann and David Eisner

Bryna and Josh Landes

The Price Family Foundation

Harriet and David Schimel

The Shoresh Foundation

Anonymous, Israel

Anonymous, New Jersey

Anonymous, United Kingdom

Dedicating a Space for Intellectual Discussion and Debate

The Palter Family of Toronto Makes a $2.5 Million Gift to Create a Smart Classroom for Shalem

Long-time Shalem board members Gilbert and Elisa Palter and their children have enabled the renovation and naming of a state-of-the-art smart classroom at the heart of Shalem’s academic building, intended “to enable students to think bigger and achieve more than even they imagined they could.”

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