Responding to Israel’s need for strategic leaders in times of acute uncertainty.

From classical texts on statesmanship and war to case studies from the nuclear age, the program in Strategy, Diplomacy, and Security (SDS) explores the reasons for and consequences of major strategic decisions throughout history, and empowers students to address the key policy, diplomatic, ethical, and military decisions of today. Armed with deep historical perspective and capable of assessing both risks and rewards, students can confront their nation’s challenges with long-term thinking and confident, effective leadership.

Readiness for the Real Thing

In keeping with Shalem’s emphasis on the close examination of primary texts, coupled with deep engagement with the world outside the classroom, the program in Strategy, Diplomacy, and Security prepares students to make weighty decisions in times of uncertainty. Taught by top scholars and high-level practitioners from Israel and abroad, the program offers students the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the international arena while ensuring prosperity and security at home.

From War Room to Classroom

Colonel (ret.) Dr. Eran Lerman, the former deputy for foreign policy and international affairs at Israel’s National Security Council, lecturer in the Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Department at Shalem College, and a key architect of the SDS program, believes the key to strategic decision-making lies in “broad knowledge, flexibility of mind, and creativity in approaching problems”—precisely those skills honed by the Shalem curriculum.

Featured Courses

Covering theories of ancient and modern military thought and skills in negotiation and conflict management, the curriculum of the SDS program provides students with a firm foundation for senior roles in government, the nonprofit sector, and the business world.

United States Foreign Policy

An understanding of the ideas behind, history of, and social context for United States foreign policy decision-making.

Studies in Grand Strategy

A multi-semester exploration of major strategic decisions in history, grand strategies in the modern age, and the strategic thought and action of the State of Israel.

Strategy in the Nuclear Era

Changing views of the importance of nuclear weapons, and the most promising paths to attain nuclear deterrence and non-proliferation.

Modern Military Thought

The reasons for changing paradigms and the role of military thought in formulating combat strategies.

Russian Political Culture and National Strategy

The myths and traditions, messianic aspirations, and multiple crises that have shaped a country bent on attaining global superiority.

Propaganda and Social Networks in the Digital Age

The dangers of social networks and false information to democratic regimes, and possible responses that align with democratic values.

Conflict Resolution and Peace Agreements

Managing conflicts and arriving at agreements through the lens of politics, law, geography, sociology, and psychology.

International Law

The institutions, theoretical approaches, key developments of recent decades, and inherent limitations of international law.

* The granting of a degree by the Department of Strategy, Diplomacy, and Security is conditional on the Israel Council for Higher Education’s giving its final approval to the department to confer such degrees.

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