Accessibility Statement

Shalem College is an undergraduate degree-granting institution of higher education that prepares outstanding students for roles of leadership and influence in Israel and around the world. Additional information can be found on the “FAQ” page and throughout our website. Shalem College attaches great importance to the values of equality and accessibility, on our campus, in the services we provide, and on our website and other digital assets. To that end, our website is adjusted in accordance with the provisions and regulations of Israel’s Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law. The website includes the following accessibility features, all of which may be enabled by clicking on the accessibility button on the main screen:
  1. Screen-reading options in lieu of images and links.
  2. Closed captioning for videos.
  3. Content organization consistent with accessibility standards.
  4. Site optimization for screen-reading software.
  5. Text/color contrast and greyscale option for color blindness and visual impairments.
  6. Navigation by means of the keyboard.
  7. Accessible forms and methods of contact.
The website complies with the recommendations of the Israeli standard (IS 5568) for Level A and AA web content accessibility and the international WCAG 2.0 document. Guidance on website accessibility was provided by Ilana Benish of Morasha Negishut Sherut (2020). Accessibility Feedback We have made considerable efforts to ensure the accessibility of all website content. Due to the dynamic nature of digital content, however, there may be inadvertent lags in accessibility. In the event that you discover content that is inaccessible or not compatible with widely used accessibility aids, we welcome your feedback and will make the necessary adjustments to correct any deficiencies. Please report any website accessibility issues to Shalem College’s Vice President for Operations, Avishag Bar-Tal, via email at [email protected] or telephone at 02-560-5555. Campus Accessibility Shalem College’s campus and environs have been reviewed together with the guidance of experts in the accessibility field to ensure compliance with current accessibility regulations. These regulations include:
  1. The Law for Equality for People with Disabilities (1998).
  2. Accessibility regulations for the disabled in public facilities.
  3. Israel standard 1918, where relevant.
Upon completion of the review process and the implementation of necessary adjustments, Shalem College received certification of compliance from Yossi Shemer, a certified compliance advisor. He confirmed that our campus building is compliant in the following areas:
  • Accessible external access to the campus building
  • Accessible parking areas
  • Accessible restrooms
  • Systems for accessibility and the hearing impaired are placed at the main entrance
  • Accessibility-compliant signage throughout the campus building
For further information on accessibility, please contact Shalem College’s Vice President for Operations, Avishag Bar-Tal, via email at [email protected] or telephone at 02-560-5555.

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