Shalem College
Shraga Bar-On

Dr. Shraga Bar-On

Ph.D. in Jewish Thought, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
M.A. in Jewish Thought, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (with distinction)
B.Ed. and teacher’s certificate, Herzog College, Alon Shvut (with distinction)

Dr. Shraga Bar-On is a scholar of contemporary theology and a leading voice in the Jewish Renewal movement in Israel. He teaches, among other institutions, at the Shalom Hartman Institute, the Kerem Institute for Teacher Training for Humanistic-Jewish Education, and at the Gvanim Program of the Jewish Federation in San Francisco. He is also the facilitator for the Lev Aharon Cathedra program for high-ranking IDF officers. A member of the Hartman Institute’s “Tarbut Yisrael” curricula-writing team, Dr. Bar-On is also actively involved in the development of new methodologies for teaching Jewish studies.

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Selected Publications


Lot-Casting, God, and Man in Jewish Literature from the Second Temple Period to the Renaissance (Bar-Ilan University, forthcoming). [Hebrew]

Chapters in Books

  1. “Goralot,” Handbook of Jewish Magic, Siam Bhayro and Ortal-Paz Saar, eds. (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming).
  2. “Bibliomancy in Jewish Tradition: The Lot Attributed to the Gaon of Vilna (Goral Hagra),” Myth, Ritual, and Mysticism: Studies in Honor of Professor Ithamar Gruenwald (Te'uda XXVI), G. Bohak, R. Margolin, and I. Rosen-Zvi, eds. (Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University Press, 2014), pp. 521-585. [Hebrew]
  3. “Hillel Zeitlin in Search of God: An Analysis of Zeitlin's Meditation ‘The Thirst,’” Faith: Jewish Perspectives, Dov Schwartz and Avi Sagi, eds. (Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2013), pp. 478-499.
  4. “The Yearnings for Meaning: On the Story of Three by Aharon Appelfeld,” Twenty-Four New Readings in Appelfeld Stories, Avidov Lipsker and Avi Sagi, eds. (Ramat Gan: Bar-Ilan University, 2011), pp. 207-233. [Hebrew]