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Gilad Jacobson

Dr. Gilad Jacobson

Dr. Gilad Jacobson is a cognitive scientist who specializes in nerve-cell networks, in particular the ways in which they create a representation of the sensory world and control behavior. He completed his bachelor’s degree in computer science and the life sciences as part of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s program for outstanding students, “Etgar” (Challenge), and received his Master’s and Ph.D., also from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in neural computation. Between 2009-2015 he served as a post-doctoral fellow at the Friedrich Miescher Institute in Basel, as a European Union Marie Curie Scholarship Fellow, and as an EMBO (“Excellence in the Life Sciences”) fellow, where he studied the way in which smells are registered by the brain, as well as the unreliability of neuronal code. Currently, his research focuses on encoding information using large neural networks, neural code reliability, and social aspects of sensory processing.

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Selected Publications

Jacobson GA, Rupprecht P, Friedrich RW. Experience-dependent plasticity of odor representations in the telencephalon of zebrafish. Current Biology 2018; 28(1).

Lavi K, Jacobson GA, Rosenblum K, Lüthi A. Acquired taste valence encoding in cortico-amygdalar circuits. Submitted Cell Reports.

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