Shalem College
Shifra Asulin

Dr. Shifra Asulin

Ph.D. in Jewish Thought, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (with distinction)
M.A. in Jewish History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (with distinction)
B.A. in Hebrew Literature and Jewish history, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (with distinction)

Dr. Shifra Asulin is a scholar of Jewish mysticism and philosophy. The recipient of a Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture research grant and a Goldstein Goren scholarship, she is co-founder of the Zohar Chai Pluralistic Beit Midrash, and of the “Elul” Beit Midrash for Educators in Jerusalem. Currently, she is at work on a book of mystical interpretations of Song of Songs according to the Zohar’s teachings, as well as the role of the feminine in Jewish mysticism. She also serves as lecturer in the Hebrew University and Achva Academic College.

Courses Taught:

Selected Publications

“Midrash Hane’elam Bereshit: Between Hebrew and Aramaic,” The Linguistic and Literary Context of the Zohar, Ada Rappaport Albert and Willem Smelik, ed. (forthcoming in the Brill Studies in Judaica Series with London College).

The Stature of the Shekhina: The Place of the Feminine divine countenance (Parzuf) in Idra Rabba and Idra zuta, in: Spiritual Authority: Struggles over Cultural Power in Jewish Thought, eds. H. Kriesel, B. Huss, U. Ehrlich, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Press, 2009, pp. 103 – 83.

The Flaw and its Correction: Impurity, The Moon and the Shekhinah – A Broad Inquiry into Zohar 3:79 (Aharei Mot), Kabbalah: Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Texts, vol 22 (2010)  =   The Proceedings of the Monash University, Australian  Centre for Jewish Civilisation, Zohar Symposium,Held in Prato Italy, July 13-15, 2009,Edited by Daniel Abrams, with Guest Editors Nathan Wolski and Merav Carmeli.

The double structure of the figure of the Shekhina at 'Rbi Moshe Cordovero's  Ma'yan 'Ein Yaakov' and it's background in the 'Idrot' Literature, in: R. Moshe Cordovero Ma'yan 'Ein Yaacov' - The Forth fountaion of the book 'Elima', Critical Edition by Sack Bracha, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Press, 2009, pp. 61-111.

'The Mystical Commentary of the Song of Songs In the zohar and its background', Thesis submitted for the degree of 'Doctor of Philosophy', Submitted to the Senate of the Hebrew University, December 2006.

 'Abraham Between Grace and Judgment', in: LIKRAT SHABAT, Personal insights on Parashat HaShavua, Ed. Hadas Achituv, Ariel Picard, Israel, 2006, pp. 36-43.

 'Another Glance at Sabbatianism, Conversion, and Hebraism in Seventeen-Century Europe: Scrutinizing the Character of Johan Kempper of Uppsala, or Moshe Son of Aharon of Krakow',  The Sabbatian Movement and its Aftermath: Messianism, Sabbatianism and Frankism, Editor: Rachel Elior, Jerusalem 200, Vol 2, pp. 423 – 470.