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Eran Lerman

Dr. Eran Lerman

MPA from the Kennedy School of Government (Wexner Program), Harvard University
Ph.D. in Economics and Political Science, London School of Economics
B.A. in Modern Middle Eastern History and General History, Tel Aviv University (Summa cum Laude)

Colonel (ret.) Eran Lerman is the former Deputy for Foreign Policy and International Affairs at Israel’s National Security Council. Between 2001 and 2009, he served as Director of the American Jewish Committee’s Israel/Middle East Office, and prior to that as Assistant for Analyses to the Deputy Director for Intelligence Production at the Israel Defense Forces’ Directorate of Military Intelligence. A former lecturer at the Department of Political Science at Haifa University, he holds a PhD in history from London School of Economics and a Masters of Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

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“Nahhas, the Arab League and the Post-War Order,” Political Thought and Political History: Studies in Memory of Elie Kedourie, Moshe Gammer and Yossi Kostiner, eds. (London: Frank Cass, 2003).

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“The Middle East and the Arab World,” Annual of Power and Conflict, 1981-1982 (London: Institute for the Study of Conflict, 1982), pp. 197-260. [contributor]

“Mawdudi's Concept of Islam,” Middle Eastern Studies 17(4) (October 1981).

“A Democratic Leader in the Test of War: Winston Churchill, 1940-1945,” ha-Riv'on le-Mehkar Hevrati (University of Haifa) 9(11) (August 1975). [Hebrew]