Shalem College
July 8, 2020

Grad Pride: Rivka Arbiv ’18, Strengthening the Dual, Jewish and Democratic Character of the State

In the third installment of “Grad Pride,” a video series that follows Shalem alumni as they contribute to their country and people through professions in a range of fields, we feature Rivka Arbiv ‘18. A graduate of Shalem’s second class, Rivka is currently the chief operating officer of Hashgacha Pratit, an independent, Orthodox rabbinical authority that offers an alternative to the Chief Rabbinate in matters of religious ceremonies and practice. She is also the founder of its Chuppot initiative, which arranges weddings for couples who want to be married according to Jewish law, but either do not want or are unable to be married by the Chief Rabbinate. For Rivka, a career that contributes to the strengthening of Israel’s dual Jewish and democratic character is a natural outgrowth of her time at Shalem, which encouraged a deep commitment to both the Jewish and Western intellectual traditions. Watch to learn more.