Shalem College
October 13, 2020

Grad Pride: Inbar Zayit ’18, Bringing the Margins into the Center

In the fifth installment of “Grad Pride,” a video series that follows Shalem alumni as they contribute to their country and people through professions in a range of fields, we feature Inbar Zayit ‘18. A graduate of Shalem’s second class, Inbar was accepted into the prestigious program Hotam (“Teach First Israel”), which places exceptional, highly motivated college graduates in schools throughout the country’s periphery as a means of providing all of Israel’s children with access to a quality education. For Inbar, empowering her students to see themselves as active agents in shaping their future and to imagine alternatives they never knew existed is a natural outgrowth of her educational experience at Shalem. Explaining that the broad-based education I received at Shalem constantly opened new doors for her, Inbar insists, “These kids need to be exposed to as much knowledge and as many subjects as possible. Knowledge is power, and it will enable them later in life to find what interests them and act on it.”