Shalem College recognizes the motivation, idealism, and dedication of Israel’s lone soldiers, and seeks to leverage their potential through an elite education in the humanities.

Shalem College is Israel’s first institution of higher education to grant a dual-major bachelor’s degree in the humanities and one of the following two subjects: Middle Eastern and Islamic studies or philosophy and Jewish thought, in the belief that a broad base of knowledge and skills in critical thinking and rhetoric provides the best platform for meaningful action and influence. To advance our mission of preparing exceptional individuals to shape a strong future for their state, and in recognition of the particular challenges faced by lone soldiers this year, we will award individuals accepted to Shalem College for the coming academic year who are both new olim and are completing military service as lone soldiers or have recently completed their service as lone soldiers a one-time scholarship.

The Shalem College Lone Soldiers’ Scholarship

Created in response to the economic and social hardships the COVID-19 pandemic poses to individuals far from their families, the Shalem College Lone Soldiers’ Scholarship provides a one-time award of 4,000 NIS for recipients who enroll in the 2022-2023 academic class. The amount will be granted in addition to those scholarships for tuition and living expenses provided to all Shalem College students. More information on Shalem subsidies and scholarships can be found here.


To qualify for the scholarship, individuals who meet the entry criteria for Shalem College must also:

The scholarship will be awarded to all eligible applicants who have been accepted to and enroll in Shalem College’s 2022-2023 academic class. Interested individuals must submit their application to Shalem College by no later than July 1, 2022 to qualify.