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Thamar Eilam Gindin

Dr. Thamar Eilam Gindin

Ph.D. in Linguistics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
B.A. in Linguistics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Thamar Eilam Gindin is a linguist and scholar of ancient Persia and modern Iran. A researcher at Haifa University’s Ezri Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies, she was previously a member of the Friedman Jewish Manuscript Society’s Cairo Geniza Project, a researcher and coordinator for the Medieval Persian Dictionary project, head researcher for the Max Planck Society’s Isoglosses Project, and a recipient of the Minerva Arches Award for excellence in teaching. Dr. Eilam Gindin is the author of several books on ancient Persia.

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Selected Publications


The Early Judaeo-Persian Tafsīr of Ezekiel, vol III: Grammar (forthcoming with The Austrian Academy of Sciences).

The Early Judaeo-Presian Tafsīrs of Ezekiel: Text, Translation and Commentary, vol. II: Translation (Vienna: The Austrian Academy of Science, 2007).

The Early Judaeo-Presian Tafsīrs of Ezekiel: Text, and Commentary, vol. I: Text (Vienna: The Austrian Academy of Science, 2007).


BiLshon Farsi Tzach (In Pure Persian Language),” Et Mol 240 (2015), pp. 12-14. [Hebrew]

“Three Fragments of an Early Judaeo-Persian Tafsīr of Ezekiel,” JSAI 27 (Studies in Honour of Prof. Shaul Shaked) (2002), pp. 396-418.

“Judeo-Iranian (non-Persian),” Jewish Language Research Website (2002). []

“The Commentary on the Book of Ezekiel in Early Judaeo-Persian,” Peamim 84 (Summer 2000), pp. 40-54. [Hebrew]