Shalem College
Esteban Klor

Prof. Esteban Klor

Ph.D., New York University
M.A., Hebrew University (magna cum laude)
B.A., Hebrew University (summa cum laude)

Esteban Klor is an economist who specializes in the study of political violence. An associate professor at the Hebrew University, he is also a fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute and a research affiliate at the Centre for Economic Policy Research in London.

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Selected Publications


"The Struggle for Palestinian Hearts and Minds: Violence and Public Opinion in the Second Intifada," with David Jaeger, Sami H. Miaari, and M. Daniele Paserman, Journal of Public Economics 96 (3-4) (April 2012), pp. 354-368.

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"On Terrorism and Electoral Outcomes: Theory and Evidence from the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict," with Claude Berrebi, Journal of Conflict Resolution 50 (6) (December 2006), pp. 899-925.

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