Shalem College
Adam J. Silverstein

Prof. Adam J. Silverstein

Ph.D. in medieval Islamic Studies, Cambridge University.
B.A. in Arabic and Persian, Cambridge University.

Prof. Adam J. Silverstein teaches Islamic history at Shalem College and at Bar-Ilan University. Formerly the Director of the Abrahamic Religions Program at King’s College, London, Prof. Silverstein has also been a lecturer in Near Eastern studies at Oxford University and a fellow of the university’s Queens College. He is the author of Postal Systems in the Pre-Modern Islamic World (Cambridge, 2007) and Islamic History: A Very Short Introduction, part of the Oxford University Press’ “Very Short Introduction” Series.


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Selected Publications


Islamic History: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010).

Postal Systems in the Pre-Modern Islamic World (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007).

Edited Books

Silverstein and G. Stroumsa, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Abrahamic Religions (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

Silverstein and T. Bernheimer, eds., Late Antiquity: Eastern Perspectives(Oxford: Oxbow, 2012).