Shalem College
  1. Shalem College is committed to providing a website (; hereafter, “the site”) that is accessible to the widest possible audience, including disabled users.
  2. In accordance with the Accessibility Regulations as set forth by the Ministry of Justice, the site has undergone a comprehensive process whose result is a product that meets the AA standard of Israeli ordinance 5568. This ordinance accords with the international recommendations provided by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
  3. The site’s accessibility comprises various components, including:
    1. The option to increase the font size
    2. The option to change the screen contrast
    3. The option to cancel animation or content that flickers or flashes
    4. Emphasizing hyperlinks via underline
    5. Written descriptions of the contents of images
    6. Subtitles for videos
    7. The use of an easily readable font
    8. Responsivity to end devices
    9. A bypass mechanism for navigation links
    10. Menu navigation by means of a keyboard
    11. A plug-in for skipping to main content
    12. Labels and instructions for entering input on online forms
  4. Users may operate and switch between the various accessibility functions by means of tool bar that opens after pressing on the accessibility symbol on the side of the screen.
  5. It is possible that one of the accessibility components listed above will not function properly. This situation may result from the presentation of content from another site that does not meet accessibility standards; from an update to the content-management system (CMS) system that temporarily affects functionality; or from an unexpected malfunction.
  6. If you encounter any item whatsoever on the site that is not accessible, or an accessibility component that has malfunctioned, send an email as soon as possible to
  7. We wish you an enjoyable and accessible visit to the site.