How does an elite college change the face of a country?

In a country in which higher education emphasizes specialization and vocational training, Shalem College is pursuing a bold alternative: the preparation of broadly educated citizens for lives of influence and service.


million citizens in Israel


approximate number of citizens who comprise Israel’s political, economic, cultural, and intellectual leadership


average number of Shalem College graduates per year, the majority of whom will go on to assume positions of influence in Israeli society

We provide an intellectual foundation for building a nation

Our four-year Core Curriculum—the only one of its kind in Israel—prepares exceptional young individuals to shape a strong, Jewish, and democratic future for their state.

We embrace our role in the region

Our emphasis on Arabic fluency and our unique approach to the study of the modern Middle East and Islam grant students an authentic and unmediated window onto Muslim society and the Arab world.

We turn challenges into opportunities for all Israel’s citizens

An experiential introduction to Israeli society’s most pressing challenges, an accelerator for social initiatives, and an alumni network that transforms ideals into action.

We make Jewish peoplehood a priority

Through delegations to San Francisco and Washington DC, our students engage with the larger Jewish world and explore the richness and complexity of Jewish life beyond Israel’s borders.

The Shalem Effect

Shalem alumni contribute to their country and people through a range of fields critical to the future of the state.

News & Stories

Every day, our faculty, students, and alumni advance our vision of a vibrant and moral society that lives up to its founding ideals.

December 20, 2020

Space Exploration, Eco-Tourism, and Fusion Cuisine: Shalem Students Brief UAE Ambassador on Ideas for Cooperation

For United Arab Emirates' Assistant Foreign Minister Omar Ghobash, the biggest surprise of his recent briefing with Shalem students was not the sheer ingenuity of their ideas for UAE-Israeli cooperation…

December 20, 2020

Shalem Lecturer Assaf Inbari Awarded Israel’s Highest Literary Honor

Assaf Inbari, the celebrated novelist and lecturer of modern Hebrew literature and Zionist history at Shalem College, was honored this past November with the 2020 Agnon Prize, considered the highest literary honor for Israeli novelists.

December 19, 2020

Grad Pride: Ori Isaac ’17, Encouraging Discourse that Solves Problems

Ori Isaac’17, a graduate of Shalem’s first class, is a presenter for Israel’s popular Channel 12 News. In this role, he plays a key role in choosing the angle of and takeaway from the events on which he reports each night—and therefore in shaping the conversations Israelis will have about the news the next morning.

November 19, 2020

A New Leader for “an Educational Startup in the Startup Nation”: Shalem Announces Appointment of Scholar and Public Intellectual Russ Roberts as its Next President

Russ Roberts is an American economist, public intellectual, author—and now president-designate of Shalem College

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