Shalem College
November 2, 2016

Daniel Gordis Publishes New History of the Jewish State

Daniel Gordis Publishes New History of the Jewish State

Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn, the newest work by Shalem Senior Vice President and Koret Distinguished Fellow Dr. Daniel Gordis, has just been released by Ecco/HarperCollins.

Examining the idea of the Jewish state, as much as the remarkable historical events that shaped it, Israel sets out to be far more than just a primer. It aims, according to Gordis, to tell “the story of a country that has long beaten the odds… a wondrous and inspiring story, one that affects our world almost everywhere we turn.” This accessible, balanced, yet nonetheless stirring narrative “captures the essence of who Israel is, where it has come from, and why the Jewish state will—and must—continue to exist,” according to Ambassador Dennis Ross.

Tracing the ethos of the modern-day State of Israel to events, conversations, disagreements, and aspirations whose roots go back more than a century, Gordis goes beyond the standard military and political histories to demonstrate why the character, challenges, and crises that define today’s Jewish state were all but inevitable. In so doing, Gordis provides a critical context for understanding today’s Israeli policies, American-Israeli relations, and the international community’s increasing opprobrium toward and fascination with the Jewish state.

Hailed by the Wall Street Journal for treating Israel’s most contested episodes “honestly and fairly,” Gordis has, perhaps more than anything, offered us with his newest book a critical reminder that the rebuilding of the national Jewish home in the twentieth century is no less than a modern miracle.

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