Shalem College
May 29, 2017

“An Expression of Foresight and of Extraordinary Dedication”: Shalem Announces $4.5 Million in Planned Gifts

“An Expression of Foresight and of Extraordinary Dedication”: Shalem Announces $4.5 Million in Planned Gifts

Shalem has just announced that it is the recipient of $4.5 million in planned gifts from long-time college supporter Mrs. Barbara Newman of Salem, Massachusetts. The planned gifts, a commitment that Executive Vice President Daniel Polisar calls “an expression of foresight and of extraordinary dedication to our shared vision for the future of the Jewish state,” are among a growing number of bequests made by donors seeking a creative means of ensuring both Shalem’s lasting legacy as well as the successful stewardship of their estates.

Newman explained her decision to make these gifts as the natural outcome of the college’s singular environment. Shalem encourages the intellectual and civil exchange of ideas among its diverse student body and faculty; in turn, that dialogue works to enhance their capacity for civil engagement. “Just as the college enables students to achieve imaginative solutions to current challenges, as opposed merely to acquiring narrow expertise, its management chooses to develop meaningful experiences and mutually satisfying relationships with those of us who support its work,” she states.

“This practice of inclusion vis-à-vis its investors—an extension of the college’s efforts to create a sense of empowerment among its students—is why my estate plans now include Shalem College,” Newman concludes.

She went on to point to several factors that inspired her confidence in Shalem’s long-term viability, and which she believes should inspire others to consider making testamentary provisions for the college. “Shalem continues to gain recognition, as evidenced by its national student rankings and by the off-campus visibility of students and faculty when speaking and working in the public square.” Having been involved with Shalem’s development from a fledgling institution to one about to graduate its first class, she insists that its impressive roster of accomplishments is the direct result of the “quality and depth” of the educational experience the college provides.

Before deciding to include the college in her trust and retirement documents, Newman made annual gifts of unrestricted support to the college, “intended to enable Shalem to sustain effective day-to-day operations even as it builds sustainability.” She plans to continue to make unrestricted gifts every year. Dr. Polisar, in expressing his gratitude for Barbara’s generosity, noted that “while the philanthropic instinct is often to support a specific program, Barbara understands that institutions like Shalem must also rely on unrestricted support to build capacity. It is an ongoing privilege and pleasure to partner with her and our many other dedicated supporters in ensuring the long-term success of this unique institution.”